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Media, News & Events from Maryland Committee on Trauma

Recent News and Updates

News involving Maryland Committee on Trauma.

Be the Focused Driver

Anything that takes your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, or your mind off driving is dangerous. #BeTheFocusedDriver to save lives & make our roads safer.  Using a handheld phone while driving is illegal in #Maryland but 75% of motorists admit to texting & driving.

#BeTheLookTwiceDriver & save lives! 15% of crashes on #Maryland roads involve motorcycles – when these crashes involve a car, half of the time the car’s driver is at fault.

TraumaNet – COVID Protection

Trauma centers are also faced with the same PPE shortages as many medical centers across the country.  The barrier of PPE helps ensure the safety of the patient and doctor, but it can be hard for the doctor to make a personal connection with their patient or explain medical procedures.

UPDATE  – Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), Maryland hospitals have placed Temporary Visitor Restrictions in place. Please see University of Maryland Medical Center guidance here.

STOP The BLEED on Midday Maryland

Dr. Elliott Haut, Chair of Maryland TraumaNet, and Mrs. Deborah Dobkin, who’s life was saved by using STB training, talk with Elsa on Midday Maryland.

STOP The BLEED on FOX 45 News

Dr Habeeba Park and Dr. Elliott Haut get FOX45 on the STOP THE BLEED campaign.


Classes teaching life-saving skills are filling up since the Wednesday shooting of two police detectives in northeast Baltimore. The officers survived thanks, in part, to “Stop the Bleed” training.


Over 1 million people have learned to Stop the Bleed.

The American College of Surgeons Stop the Bleed program has trained over 1 million people worldwide how to stop bleeding in a severely injured person. alice march takes a giant cock in her tiny cunt.
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