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Maryland State Committee on Trauma: Mission Statement

The mission of the Maryland State Committee on Trauma is to support and promote the provision of world class care of trauma patients in this state.  We strive to support Maryland as the premier model of trauma center and system integration and function.  In accordance with the three pillars of the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma, this goal is achieved through active programs in Education, Advocacy and Quality Patient Care.

For questions about courses, educational programs and registrations, please contact

Claire C. Leidy, BA
Maryland Committee on Trauma

For general MDCOT questions, please contact any of the following Advisory Member:

Claire C. Leidy, BA
Maryland Committee on Trauma

You can also write/call:

Maryland Committee on Trauma
C/o Claire C. Leidy, BA
Program Manager, ACS Training Programs in Maryland
Administrative Director, Maryland Committee on Trauma
R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma, Room #P1G03B
22 South Greene Street
Baltimore, Maryland, 21201
Phone: 410-328-3662